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(in this picture from left to right / Aaron, Nate, Lauren, Mike, Clark, Claire, and Seth THE FIRST REMIX BAND)

We talk a ton about our core team at Grace Community who three years ago risked everything, left established churches, and planted the church. We are so glad for these families who gave it all for a dream God had planted in their hearts. Another group we forget so often are the kids of these families. In the picture above, all of these teens left their established youth ministries and joined the movement here at GCC. The guys above (Duke Boles was out first worship lead, we miss ya Duke!) 2 years ago joined me as we prayed about launching relevant student ministry and became our first Remix Band. For 2 years we have seen the ministry move from 15 teens wondering where “everyone” was to a mass of teenagers who gather and connect in small groups each week at REMIX. We have seen teens connect week in and week out in our Sunday gathering at GCC. I have made a commitment not to talk about our current numbers on the blog so you are not going to get that here. Our team watches the numbers, we evaluate the numbers, and we thank God for each teen that has plugged in BUT the numbers do not tell the story. We just want to BOAST in the God who is at work in our lives bringing hope and healing. Because a few teens and families left the security of their churches a few years ago we have been able to create a new environment to reach and mentor teenagers here in Clarksville. We get to help teens and families here in Clarksville rethink faith, rethink Christ, and rethink what life is really about. Nate, Seth, Aaron, Claire, Lauren, and Clark thanks for risking it all and believing in a dream when we led each week with 15 incredible folks were coming.(Taylor, Austin, Alexis, David, Katie, Scottie, Ethan, Brianna, Kelly, Patrick, Peter, Sarah, and Courtney…you all rock and you were there with us in the crowd) You stood on the stage with me and talked about a dream for youth ministry in Clarksville. Some people go their whole life without trusting God and risking it all for a dream. You got to do that in High School! I am so proud of you guys and know you God has big plans for each of you. Relevant Student Ministry is here because you took a step of faith.