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One of the wild things about Grace Community is that we do our best to empower people with ideas and then give them support so that they can go carry out that idea. A few months ago, a few people passionate about adoption came to our team and asked about hosting an event to help people understand the adoption process. GREAT IDEA! We had 2 choices. They could go out and make it happen or they could wait until we hired a pastor to lead that effort. (yes we have been told at other churches that every ministry of the church has to have a staff person to help lead it or watch it or make sure it does not go cRaZy) We decided to let this team go for it and now we have an adoption event coming this month for our community! Go to and check out what is going down. This just makes sense and there are babies and future babies all over the globe needing homes with moms and dads who want them. Spread the word here in our community and think about hosting an adoption event in your community. Supporting the pro-life movement is way more than voting for a president. The movement must help give people looking for abortion options that make sense. Thanks to all of you who work to provide wise options for scared women who need a different way of handling an unexpected pregnancy and do not want an abortion.

Go check it out //