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Yes, it’s official. I now work with my wife. This week Chelsea joins our Family Ministry Team at Grace Community Church as our Family Ministry Coordinator. She is part time which is great for her full time job as mom and wife. Truth be told Chelsea has been my top leader in every ministry I have ever led through the years. As a teen she felt a call to ministry but felt when she married a pastor she had filled that calling. Chelsea is also one of the best educators I have ever seen in a classroom setting. I really like hiring teachers for our family ministry team. (If you can run a class, connect with parents at school, deal with administration, then you can thrive in the church setting) As Family Ministry Coordinator, Chelsea will lead our partnership with parents, strengthen our organizational systems, and help us build our special needs ministry at GCC. She also has to put up with me but she has been doing that for fifteen years.

Yes we hired my wife and I know that would not happen in many organizations. At Grace we have decided to always hire the right person for the role regardless of what their last name happens to be. We have several family connections on our team and we work hard to make sure there are healthy boundaries between work and family for everyone. Why hire Chelsea for this position? Here are a few reasons…

  • Calling // Chelsea feels called to invest in families and kids. This is a calling she has lived out for years as a volunteer so it is so great to see her live that out at our church on staff.
  • Education // She is finishing her graduate degree in school counseling at Western Kentucky University…wow, that is going to be useful.
  • Experience // so many years as an amazing volunteer…an amazing parent…a teacher with 8 years of experience…what more can I say.
  • Team Connection // yea, Chelsea was interviewed by several on our team and this is just a great fit for our staff team. Connection matters. Thrilled she already has healthy relationships with the team.

There ya go…excited about this addition to our team as I know this will help us advance the Kingdom of God.