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You can only follow a poor leader for so long. Poor leadership will drain you emotionally. Poor leadership will sabotage your strategy. Poor leadership will bring frustration. When you’re in an organization with poor leadership at the top you will at some point leave. The question you have to ask now is what do I do in the middle of this journey. You know what I’m talking about. Many of you out there are ready to quit but God has called you to stay focused and lead. God has you where you are for a reason but many times we waste opportunities because we are frustrated. When you are faced with working in an organization with poor leadership here is what you need to do “in the middle.”

  • Keep Leading >> So many time we give in to poor leadership and quit taking risks. Keep leading strong. The team you lead needs your leadership.
  • Honor >> Remember who is in charge. When you are the team leader you will want people to honor your choices…give that same honor to your leaders now.
  • Learn and take notes >> Make sure you make notes of lessons you learn in your current environment. You will have a chance to do things differently.
  • Keep dreaming >> Even if you are the only one, keep dreaming about what might be possible!
  • Keep learning and listening >> Hit a conference, visit other churches, follow blogs, read books! Don’t allow poor leadership to hurt your growth.
  • Be patient >> When you led by surrounded by poor leadership other opportunities look fantastic. Never allow your frustration to lead you a direction that might be no better.