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Sorry to tell you this and frustrate your plans but you don’t get to choose your calling in life. By calling I mean that deep rooted passion that makes us sing when we do the work we do. Some of us are called to be bankers, teachers, painters, writers, missionaries, social workers, builders, consultants, soldiers, fire fighters, accountants, pastors, and architects. You name it, our God places a calling on the lives of people to make it, create it, and shape it for His Glory. God made us and gave us a passion deep inside that will guide us as we try to make a difference in this world of His. Recently I have heard people say they chose to pursue ministry…to somehow become through education or hard work a minister working in the local church. When I look around at our staff I see a group of people who tried to do other things with their life but God would not let us go. Many of us wanted to be coaches, teachers, counselors, business owners, politicians, veterinarians, and dentists but God had a calling on our life that would not let us go. All of us can tell you when God gave us that call. We did not pursue this as a choice, God came after us. Maybe the problem with the church world is that we have too many leaders who chose ministry as a career? How do you know if you are called to do something with your life? Here are a few things to consider…

Our calling flows from God : No prophet, king, disciple, or apostle in Scripture chose their calling…it was given by God. Just go read the Bible and see how God called people to use their life. It’s pretty clear that God takes care of this process. I can look back and tell you the moment God called me to serve the local church. I also know when God made it more clear and gave me my next step. It’s all about God not me. I did not want to work in the church, God called me to it. I know Christians in other fields who will tell you the same thing. Our calling flows from God.

God will use people to confirm our calling : When God gives someone a calling, a mission He uses other people of God to come around and confirm that call. (sometimes it comes from people who are in authority and sometimes it comes of people on the fringe) When we are called by God then He will open up the doors for us to fulfill that calling. Do you get the idea here? A calling is about God and not about us. It’s about His glory and not our own. If you are called by God He will bring others into your life to confirm and encourage that calling.

God will refine your calling : Over time God will refine you and your understanding of the calling He has placed on your life. God will give us what we need to move forward in His calling and then he will refine us as we go. We are never done growing or learning and God is never done shaping and molding us so we can fulfill our calling. We have to be faithful with the small things God gives us so He can give us more. Be fully present where you are right now because God knows what is next.