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Seriously…you should join twitter. I tell that to leaders every chance I get. I was a doubter. I waited for a long time to get an account. I could not imagine why I needed one other social media outlet. 8,000 tweets later I am here to say that Twitter is my favorite social networking tool out there. If I had to go with only one social networking tool I would choose twitter.  Why…here are a few reasons why I love using twitter!

  • Networking // I have been able to connect with other leaders and develop friendships on twitter. No matter what you do in life you can find other people to connect with and network with on twitter.
  • Sharing ideas // Twitter is about sharing ideas…sharing what is happening now (in 140 characters or less)…sharing what is coming up. I love that twitter allows me to share my blog, ideas I have, and what is going on in my life quickly. I also love seeing what other people are thinking.
  • Lists // Lists allow you to group people and follow just what that group is sharing. I have a list for my church, a list for sports, a list for people thinking Orange. Lists allow me to keep it all clear.
  • Current News // If you want to know what is happening right now then get twitter. You will know what is going on before CNN or ESPN every reports it.
  • Focused interaction // Facebook is for friends but twitter allows me to focus. Love that on twitter I can focus on ministry and networking.
  • Simplicity // Twitter has boundaries and it is easy to use on my Macbook and iPhone. I just enjoy the simplicity and I think it will outlast many other tools out there.

So if you are out there and you are doing ministry take a few minutes and get a twitter account. You can find me at @michael_bayne and if you want to follow our team at Grace Community Church go check out our links to twitter on the staff page.