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It’s impossible to create a ministry that will connect with everyone. I know it’s true because I have spend years trying to reach every teen through the ministry I lead. Year after year the hard reality is that no matter what, where, or how we do what we do some people are not going to connect. Sometimes teens are going to go in a different direction and you will be left wondering what you did wrong. Most of the time you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m hoping that today I can give some of you a little dose of freedom because you are living in a cycle of frustration as you try to adapt your ministry to do the impossible…reach everyone. It’s not possible for any one ministry or church to reach everyone and that is why God has established all kids of churches doing all kinds of great ministry for reach all kinds of people. If you try to make the ministry you lead fit everyone you will only discover chaos and and dysfunction. You can’t reach everyone but you can reach some. Your job is to make disciples of the people you reach. Your job is to strive to do all you do with excellence. Your mission is to create the ministry God is calling you do lead and not copy the ministry other “church people” tell you that you should be. Some people are going to walk away. Reach out to them, encourage them, pray for them but please stop believing that everyone will stick in the ministry you lead. Sometimes people walk away. They walked away from Jesus and they will walk away from you. Lead strong anyway.