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Every fall things get a little crazy around the office. People are back from vacations, ministries are launching, new staff is here, ministries are getting back to full speed. Every August it seems like I could work 7 days a week and not get everything done. The truth is that there are seasons in ministry that demand more from volunteers and staff. I believe that there is a connection between building momentum and work pace in key times during year. Let’s be honest, in student ministry that time of the year is August and early September. In order to build and keep momentum we have to be willing to go all out during keys times in the year when we can connect with and lead people. I am all about time off, and guarding your day off but to be frank…there are times in the year when you have to be ready to plan, work, empower, and train at a different level. This all out pace cannot be sustained for long but momentum will fade if our teams are not willing to seize the moment and ramp it up. When you look at your year just know there will be times that life gets a little crazy in order to move the organization forward! I am so grateful for my wife who gets this principle! It has been incredible to watch her push me to seize the moment because she knows it is temporary and she feels she can help me step up my pace in key times during the year. Let’s know that the there will be times we have to ramp up our pace in order to build momentum.