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This week I get to speak for First Baptist Owensboro, KY at their youth camp in Missouri…Roach, Missouri!!! What is in Roach? Just a gas station and Windermere Conference Center! Stoked that this week I get the invest in these students and get to lead alongside Mike’s Chair as Mike Grayson and the guys lead worship each day. Chelsea and the girls are coming along for this week and they are fired up. I am fire up we will get to take the girls tubing for the first time. Kozbi is about to have her mind blown on the TUBE! Will be posting this week from camp. Pray for us as we travel on Monday and pray God will prepare the my heart for the week ahead.

This week back in Clarksville…the relevant team will be getting ready for SERVE NEW ORLEANS. Our team leaves July 12 to serve in the 7th ward. I love our team at relevant!!! More on SERVE NEW ORLEANS later in the week.