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The one thing you can do to enhance the parent partnership factor in the ministry is to partner with the Parent Ministry team. I know you’re probably working on new strategies to launch this fall as school starts back. I also know that with as much as you have on your plate you probably have not had much time to think about your partnership with parents. That aspect of next generation ministry always seems to slip to the bottom of the list because in the end we are most passionate about investing in kids and teens.

If you have a strategy to guide your partnership with parents you are going to be 100% more effective.

Most next generation ministries just hope partnership will happen. I know this because I have asked church after church about their parent strategy and most of the plans involve “hoping” it’s happening. What ParentMinistry.Net can do for you is provide a strategy that will actually empower parents to be a stronger influence in the lives of their children. The teen version is ready right now and in October we will launch the kids version!

This week at Grace Community Church we put the ParentMinistry.Net for teens resources on our student ministry website. It was such an easy process to put this on our site and make it fit our ministry context. Go check out how we have formatted this for our parents on our student ministry site. The best part is that when parents go check it out they will see this is provided by our church for and it’s on our site!

Don’t just hope you have a partnership with parents…develop a strategy and make it a reality!