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I invested in an iPad over a year ago now and I can’t imagine not having one now. I use mine almost every day in my role at church and I have to admit it has been a great investment. I use it in every meeting I am in so I have my notes in a reliable place. I use it every time I speak. I also use it to catch up on great stuff from Netflix but that is a little off topic. If you buy an iPad you have to learn how to maximize it so it’s not a oversize phone or just another distraction to waste time. With the right apps you can use your iPad as a powerful too in ministry. Here are 10 apps that you need to check out…

  1. Evernote / This is an app that helps you organize all your notes from meetings, important PDF files, pictures, and documents you need for future use. I use it to make sure I have the documents I need when I need them. I also use it to take notes in every meeting. It also syncs with your PC or Mac so all content is available all the time.
  2. Blogsy / Amazing tool to allow you to blog from your iPad. Tons of amazing features to help you be fully functional on your blog with your iPad. (used it to write this post!)
  3. Pages / I use Pages for iPad every week when i speak. It displays my notes in a way that is easy to read on stage and also edit before I speak.
  4. Planning Center / This app helps you have full access to your Planning Center notes for your worship service. Schedule band members, plan services, look back to old orders of worship. Great tool!
  5. Dropbox / This allows me to get to files I am sharing in the cloud. I keep all my messages there so I can get to them anytime.
  6. Hootsuite / Best app I have found to connect me to my social networks and keep up with what is going on around the world.
  7. UPad / Sometimes you just need to write things out. This app allows you to write and draw with your iPad when you just need to process without typing.
  8. iBlueSky / This is a mind mapping app and it’s great for brainstorming.
  9. Google Drive / This is another storage place for the cloud but even better it gives you access to your Google Docs and your shared Google Docs. Must have!
  10. Reeder / My favorite app for keeping up with the blogs that I follow. Just feels good reading on it and always help to keep up with the blogs i care about.

Would love to hear what apps have helped you maximize your iPad?