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When it comes to conferences we have limited time and limited resources. There is nothing worse than spending money and time to get away and hit a ministry conference only to be let down or discouraged. When you get away to think and refuel at a conference you want to leave inspired and refreshed. Let me be clear up front…I am a conference guy. Time connecting with other leaders, learning from other leaders, and being challenged by other leaders really does fire me up. Some of you might be better off to go to a cabin and sit in silence and there is nothing wrong with that. I tend to be fueled by collaboration and connection. I hope you will make plans now to hit a conference in the next year. You might have to find resources to go and plan well ahead but these 10 conferences will not disappoint for any next generation leader. Here are 10 conferences I hope you will consider checking out…

  1. The Orange Conference / This is by far my favorite week of the year because it allows me to be around some of the leading preschool, children’s, student, and college leaders in the country for 3 days. Amazing experience that is all about helping connect parents and the church so together they can invest in the next generation.
  2. Catalyst Conference / I feel like I should not have to list this conference but so many of you have not experienced it. There is nothing like it really. This is a conference built to inspire and equip young leaders to go out and do great things for the Kingdom of God.
  3. FAM Conference / This will be my first year to experience this conference because this is the first year it will exists. Some of my ministry friends out west are making this happen and it’s going to be a conference to watch. I will be there for at least the opening day this May.
  4. National Youth Workers Convention / This is a conference dedicated to serving youth pastors from all denominations and it’s a wild experiencing. This year they changed the entire flow of the conference to help youth leaders connect and process together and it was brilliant. Love where the team at Youth Specialties is going with this conference.
  5. Simply Youth Ministry Conference / Just go check out the lineup and you will see why this is a great conference. Tons of my ministry friends hit this conference every year because it is so relational. Love how they care for and invest in student pastors.
  6. D6 Conference / This is one I have not been able to hit but every year I am hearing great things abut the heart and passion of the team. This year they are doing multiple locations. Great voice in the family ministry conversation.
  7. Story Conference / This is a conference for creatives. How are we crafting the Gospel in a way this generation an understand and embrace? I am going back this fall and have been several other years. Great to get away from the normal conference experience for next generation leaders and connect with people outside our sphere of influence.
  8. Exponential Conference / This is basically a church planting conference but wow it has amazing implications for next generation leaders.  We have several from our family ministry team that will be there this year.
  9. KidMin Conference / Our children’s ministry staff was blessed by this experience the past 2 years. This conference is next level for kids ministry leaders when they are ready to lock in on how to better serve kids and parents.
  10. DRIVE conference / great chance to see the heartbeat behind North Point Church in Atlanta. Love how honest and open their staff is during the conference. You will leave DRIVE inspired!

There ya go…10 conferences to check out. What did I miss? Please let me know! Make plans to get away and experience a conference this year. Give God dedicated time to speak to you and you will be amazed at what He says.