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Today is the day! Today you can register your team for the Orange Conference and they are running a one day special for those of you who sign up TODAY (240 per person, CRAZY GOOD!). We know there are tons of options out there for your conference time but I think this is one your should hit. Our team at Grace Community has been a part of this conference since the first year and have watched it get better year after year. I thought today I would talk about my top 10 reasons you should go to Orange 2011
  1. Orange 11 will be an entire week for you to process the Orange Strategy // there is something incredible about 4,000 people processing a strategy together!
  2. Your entire family ministry team can come TOGETHER // I know it is hard to think about hitting a conference with your preschool pastor (our preschool pastor is cool!) but this is one conference that everyone from the college pastor to the preschool pastor will connect with.
  3. Amazing worship experience // this conference gives leaders time to slow down and connect with our God.
  4. Breakouts that you will really want to go to // great breakout leaders leading great breakout topics, every year the choices get better!
  5. If you drink coffee (I am a Diet Mt. Dew guy) you get free coffee from Land of a Thousand Hills!
  6. Great main stage speakers // the Orange team makes sure and gets communicators who are thinking Orange to be on the main stage. Great lineup this year.
  7. Volunteers will thrive at Orange 11 // every time we take one of our volunteer leaders they grow so much! Great conference to take volunteers to if you are ready to THINK ORANGE with your team.
  8. Fun // if you come to Orange 11 and don’t have fun then you have a problem. 2 words…LANNY DONAHO! Where there is Lanny there will be fun!
  9. Networking // Orange 11 will give you a chance to connect with other leaders thinking orange. Tweet Ups, lunches, and the bloggers lounge are always great places to connect.
  10. The Grace Community team is going to Orange // I would not pump a conference I was not taking my team to. We love the orange conference, we are going, and we hope to see you there!