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There are 2 things I keep laughing at…first the phrase “IN THIS ECONOMY”. When you place that in front or after whatever you are talking about it makes what you are talking about not seem so bad. I lost half my 401K…BUT In this economy we are doing well. My house is now worth 5 dollars and that is good in THIS ECONOMY. My burger cost 60 cents what a deal IN THIS ECONOMY. I may be the only one who is tied of hearing the phrase. I just add IN THIS ECONOMY to everything I say right now.

The second is this commercial…Thanks Pete for the pic, this is a HORRIBLE idea and if I ever walk into my house and see on of these I promise to burn it on the spot…Yes it is the dreaded SNUGGIE, use a blanket people not a blanket poncho!!!!
Have a great weekend and order a SNUGGIE so you can knit on the couch and be warm!