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Today I am revealing the new and improved and I’m so excited to have a new platform to blog from. Hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the site. I moved to this format so I could connect with more leaders and allow for easy interaction. Hope you will sign up to get my posts in your inbox or your Google Reader and that you will join the conversation! Thanks for taking time to check the site out.

I have been blogging since 2008 and I have learned so much over the years in the process. I wish more ministry leaders would take time to process what they are learning online. I know it takes time to use social media but we need more voices and not less. After over 1,000 posts and the joy of connecting with other leaders through Facebook and Twitter here are three reasons I hope you will consider creating content and networking online…

  1. There are people who want to follow your journey / Leaders love to learn from other leaders. There are people who look to you for direction and encouragement. You can let leaders in on your journey when you maximize social media. We are in this thing together so why not share the adventure with other leaders?
  2. You’re learning so why not share / You’re innovating, testing, and experimenting in your ministry context so why not share your ideas. Give them away! Your idea and your innovation may be the key another ministry leader needs to help their organization. Share away!
  3. You have a needed perspective / Your perspective in ministry can help other leaders make sense of where they serve. Your perspective can encourage other leaders to press on, dream big, and take needed steps forward to further the Kingdom.