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This week we had the chance to hear Jenni Catron talk about some critical volunteer shifts we need to make as we lead our volunteer teams. We all need volunteers but we also need them to do what they do with excellence. We also always need more volunteers! We take a ministry job and suddenly we not only have to manage ourselves, now we have to manage others who choose to work on our teams for free! Jenni pointed out that leading volunteers is not just a part of our job, it is our job. Everything we do in our ministry setting rises and falls on the leadership of our team…staff and volunteers. Since this is such a huge issue for our ministry settings here are some volunteer paradigm shifts we need to make:

1) From ASKING to INVITING // there is an honor and nobility when we ask people to be a part of serving God’s kingdom! We are not begging, we are giving people an opportunity to use their gifts for God.

2) From HANDING OFF to HOLDING HANDS // when a person volunteers we get the chance to mentor that person and resource them! We walk with them, help solve problems, and vring clarity to their role in the organization.

3) From DOING to GIVING // give people the chance to LEAD! Give volunteers the credit they deserve and the opportunity to have ownership of the dream. What could be better than making a difference in the Kingdom of God?