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I am really not sure how to put into words how amazing yesterday was. We had the idea and planned this outdoor baptism 2 month ago and when we got to church Sunday morning it was very windy and very cloudy. We made the call to go ahead and run with the baptism even though the weather was questionable. 46 people were baptized yesterday at Ringold Mill here in Clarksville. 46 people let the world know about their faith in Jesus Christ. I was able to baptize 3 families where the teens and the parents ALL got baptized. Can it get any better than this? People talk about baptisms and baptism numbers alot in the church world. Yesterday we had the chance to witness 3 children and 43 adults and teens take this huge step. If you follow church baptism numbers you know how significant this ratio is. I could not help but think of how incredible it must have been for people in the days of Jesus to take this step. It was wild to think that Peter , Paul and John had helped people go to a river and take this same step of faith 2,000 years ago. There was an excitement in the air yesterday as we came together to celebrate this moment in the lives of these people. If you got to be there you know how amazing it was. We get to take this excitement back to the folks at GCC by video over the next three weeks and look for some shots of this thing on you tube SOON!