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Momentum. It’s amazing when the ministry you lead has it and so discouraging when it leaves the building without warning. It’s so easy to see when it’s building and so difficult to gage when it’s disappearing. The inner leader in all of us wants to believe that momentum will always be on our side. That thought is simply not reality. Momentum will come and momentum will go. You will have seasons when your ministry lacks momentum and the biggest question the people around you will be pondering is how do we get it back. Every team I have ever served with loved seasons on momentum and hated the lack of it.

The good news for every leader is that momentum is gained through many small wins and not the next big thing. Searching for the next big moment creates buzz that may or may not bring momentum. Steady progress and consistent ministry wins lead to lasting momentum for a team and all of us can lead our team toward that goal.

If you find yourself in a season where you need to recapture momentum here are a few key moves to make…

  1. Don’t Panic / Loss of momentum will make leaders guess and make reactionary decisions about critical aspects of their organization. The best thing a leader can do when momentum is low is to not panic. Slow down and process what is really happening before you make choices you will regret.
  2. Refocus on your mission / The most important question to ask when momentum is down is simply why do we do what we do? Mission anchors leadership direction. Loss of momentum often robs us of a clear view of our mission.
  3. Look for what’s working / Loss of momentum does not mean everything is broken. In the search for why we have lost momentum often we will make excuses and blame things that really are not the problem. Our frustration can cause us to pick everything apart to the point we can’t see the good around us. Slow down and look for the good…it will keep you sane!
  4. Develop and implement a strategy for change / Momentum is birthed through change that makes things better. Develop a plan and push to put it into motion. Momentum will build as forward progress is made.
  5. Redefine reality / Change is a process so as the leader you have to continually redefine reality by painting the picture of what is coming. We have to show people who we are going to become, where we are headed, what the changes will bring. Vision matters and hope inspires!

Don’t allow the loss of momentum in your ministry today to blind you to what could be in the future. Momentum comes and it goes. What matters is how you lead when momentum is not on your side!