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Easter week is a busy week for anyone leading in any next generation ministry area of the church. There is so much to get done in order to make sure the most intense Sunday of the year goes right. I look around at at our family ministry team and I am blown away by the incredible work that has gone into making sure that kids have an amazing experience Sunday. Easter is one day of the year where we get to gather and celebrate the basis of our faith in Jesus. He is alive! Sure, it’s a wild weekend. Yes, the extra services and family events are hard to pull off. In reality it’s all worth it to get to help kids, teens, college students, and parents celebrate Jesus together!

One other thing that I hope happens for all of you who lead kids, teens or college students this weekend is that you can step back and get a better perspective for why we do what we do. This Sunday make sure you step away from what you are doing in your ministry to simply be a part of one of your services at the church you serve. Take time to worship. Take time to pray. Take time to celebrate. Remember this…as you invest in the next generation you are advancing the Kingdom of God. You are part of a bigger movement. You are the church in motion as you lead the next generation. What you do in your children’s, student, or college ministry is building the foundation of your church. You are not alone. You are part of the church and the church needs your leadership!

You may feel alone but this weekend take time to get a better perspective and embrace the fact that God is using you and your volunteers to make an eternal impact in families every week!