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Just a little overwhelmed today, no not in a bad way in a good way. Just overwhelmed with God and what e is doing around me.

Overwhelmed at how God worked at Grace Community on Sunday. We just prayed and put together a service that would help people connect with Jesus and understand relevant student ministry and God showed up and rocked us all. The feedback from all of you that were there has been wild. I am so thankful that God’s word penetrated our hearts. It was a really special day for me, to all of you who put up with me talking, THANKS.

Overwhelmed with how amazing our student band did Sunday. They went out there with hearts ready to lead and did a great job. Thanks to Duke, Daniel, Michael, and the tech team at GCC for supporting our remix band as they led. They did amazing, we have an amazing group of young worship leaders.

Overwhelmed as I looked out over the crowd in both services Sunday morning. I am not sure what was going on but I was shocked with amazement as I looked out and saw a room full of all ages and races worshiping as one. It is wild what God has done in three years here at GCC.

Overwhelmed that we get to launch year 2 of relevant student ministry. We start remix back on August 13 and I am so excited. God is putting all the pieces together for a wild year of ministry. God wants this thing to be special and he keeps bringing it all together. It is amazing what he can do.

Overwhelmed with the way Jesus loves us…I just can not figure all of this out. God is amazing.

Overwhelmed at the incredible people I get to work with each day. God has just put the right team together at GCC at the right time. It is so great to work with people you believe in! Chad, Ron, and staff…thanks for letting your family ministry team dream big dreams and supporting next generation ministry. It is so fun to watch this thing come together.

Overwhelmed with some of the dreams God is placing in our hearts for GCC, it is going to be wild. God keeps calling us to live by faith. We lean toward stability and God pulls us to risk it all for Him. He really does want the credit!

Overwhelmed with my beautiful wife and 2 daughters! WOW, they rock…

Overwhelmed that football season is here and the Titans first preseason game is Saturday!