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It’s one thing to talk about partnering with parents but it’s another thing to actually put the idea in motion. One of the keys to effectively partnering with parents is to have a plan. I am so excited about working with the team at ParentMinistry.Net to help student pastors across the country put into action a plan that I think will give parents a better shot an being a spiritual influence in the life of their teen.

  • What if our student ministries could help parents understand what their teenagers are facing each year?
  • What if we could help parents guide their teens through the maze of middle and high school?
  • What if we could help parents plan an experience they could share with their teen each year?
  • What if I told you that you could put this into motion in your ministry?

You can and the team at ParentMinistry.Net wants to help you rethink partnering with parents. Our ministry at Relevant Student Ministry is putting this plan into motion and I will be walking through our journey here on the blog. Visit ParentMinistry.Net and check out this video to get an idea of how you can rethink partnering with families this year.