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As I go to bed each night I still find myself taking just a few minutes to talk to God before I go to sleep. Somewhere back there I started it and I just can not seem to stop now. I learned a long time ago that it could not be long because I will go fast to sleep right in the middle of prayer but I just take a few minutes just to pray for my girls, whatever is coming up the next day, and take some time to say thanks to God for another day. Last night I was praying just as any night and I found myself asking God a really dumb question. Have you ever asked God something really stupid? I know, you can ask God anything…but this question really seemed dumb after I asked it. I prayed, ” God give me chances to influence my girls for You.” As soon as I said it I had an OH MAN moment, It was a “why did I ask that” moment because my brain was taken over with all the chances in a day when I get to influence my kids. I was asking God to do something he was already continually doing. Every moment with my girls is a moment to influence. They are always watching me…they get mad like I do, laugh like I do, sing crazy songs like I do, treat others like I do, ask questions like I do so it makes sense that when I live out my faith in Christ in front of them I will be influencing them. My girls are watching me, they are learning from me. Every moment is a moment to influence them and point them to the God I love, to my Savior Christ. Our kids will embrace God when they God become real in our every day life. We never have to ask for a chance to influence, God is giving us the chance every moment.