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improvezAm I improving? It’s a question that I hope I never stop asking myself. In the age of focusing on our strengths many times we tend to simply excuse away what we are not good at as a weakness to ignore and not worry about. If we are not careful I think we can focus on helping other people improve and forget that we have to continue to push ourselves. A leader can never settle. Leaders have to push themselves before they can fully help others reach their potential.

This week I have been processing what I need to improve on in the coming months. Here is how I am trying to improve as a leader in this season.

  1. Show up early // My tendency is to show up to meetings right on time and I tend to show up with my mind spinning. In this season I am trying to make time to show up early and clear my mind before meetings.
  2. Slow down multitasking // I try to juggle too many projects at one time. In this season I am trying to focus so I can give every task the attention needed and then move forward.
  3. Prep early // With messages and meetings when I prep early I have time to process before the presentation. More time to think leads to better connection with whatever audience I am trying to connect with.
  4. Proactively connect // I am trying to look around and see who around me I need to connect with. When I proactively connect with other people in my community I control my calendar and I push myself to listen more to people around me.

That’s my list! What are you striving to improve in this season of your leadership life?