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We have a big challenge coming for Relevant for fall 2009…A NEW BAND! We are launching a brand new band after having the same team in action for three years. I know it sounds crazy but we are releasing our current team to serve in our gathering environment for Sunday mornings because they are that talented. We need to release them so they can step forward in ministry and at the same time train up our next batch of young worship leaders. The challenge is starting over but in the end we get to see God work once again to raise up some incredible leaders.

So how will we handle the challenge? We are attacking it. We cannot wait to get ready, we have to face the hardest task for our fall launch now in the middle of our current ministry season. In years past I let my busy spring and summer keep me from fall prep and that did not pay off. We are praying for this new team, looking for the new team, and practicing the new team NOW and it is really cool to see God at work. The new band is really gong to be good, we have some great leaders stepping up. It also feels better to attack the challenge than worry about FALL COMING!

So what is you next challenge? Why not get a plan together and ATTACK IT! Sounds better then waiting and worrying!