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Ever since the fumble away loss of the Titans to the Ravens my football heart has been sad. Yes I admit it, I have not really enjoyed the playoffs since that defeat. I just wanted us to get to play Pittsburgh again and see if we had really arrived. The towel stomp was too much to overcome, bad mojo Titans fans! Well we never got the chance and now I have to choose. Honestly, I am not really stoked about the game. Not a big fan of either and I refuse to pic the Cardinals just because Kurt Warner is a great guy and Christian. If the Cardinals win, good for Kurt he is a great guy. I watched Kurt beat my Titans in 1999 and I just can not go there. So Bayne is picking the Steelers over the Cards 34-2o in a great game.
Football wise…Pittsburgh is determined, they have a TEAM, they have great defense. Think Mike Tomlin is an amazing coach. Willie Parker is going to run for days. I have too many friends who are real Steeler fans. I have never met a true Cardinal fan, do they exist outside of Arizona? If they do exist they were ashamed all season as the Cards floundered in the weakest division in football. The run ends Sunday with a Steeler victory then we all get ready for kickoff 2009. Go Titans! Who are you picking Sunday…I really want to know!