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PM_lgAfter 2 weeks away from the blog I am back and ready to go! Excited today to be able to officially announce that Chelsea and I have joined the ParentMinistry.Net team. A few months ago we wrote a new version of this tool to focus on families with kids in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. After the writing project we processed the idea of an official partnership to launch this resource across the nation for children’s and family pastors to implement in their local churches. We officially joined the team and we are now in the middle of prepping for the kid’s version launch in October 2013!

What excites us most is that this partnership allows us to encourage next generation leaders across the country, empower parents to make a difference in their child’s life, and still stay focused on serving at Grace Community Church. Chelsea and I are both on staff at Grace Community Church and that will allow us to stay connected with what real ministry looks like. Our role at GCC also allows us to serve real parents and hear what they are facing. We took this step knowing that we wanted to be fully plugged into the local church because we believe in the power and potential of the local church.

What is ParentMinistry.Net about? Good question. I hope you will go online and check out our student ministry version that is now being used all over the country including at the church we serve with starting this fall! We basically want you to hire us to be your parent ministry partner for the ministry you lead. Our hope is to empower you as a church leader with specific tools that will enable you to partner with the parents and also give them a process that will allow them to invest in their kids every year through a Rite of Passage Experience. We have seen this in action and we know it can make a huge difference in empowering parents to lead their children toward Jesus.

Can’t wait to see all God does in the coming years through the ParentMinistry.Net team! We are excited about getting this tool in the hands of more and more next generation leaders. Look for more updates about the children’s ministry version launching this fall.