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One of my favorite conferences to be a part now is The Orange Conference. If you are a student, children, or preschool leader out there then this conference is for you. I know we are used to have conference experiences where we separate teen and children leaders into their own little worlds. That is not the goal at Orange. The goal for this conference is to ask leaders who work with teens and kids to process how together they can best engage and partner with the family. Our team here at Grace Community had been processing how to work as a team to serve the family since day one of our existence. When the Rethink team finally launched the Orange Conference we had an experience that would help unite every area of our family ministry team. There is something powerful about seeing thousands of preschool, children, and student pastors gathered to worship, learn, and dream together. There is still time to sign up and go. I know these days it is hard to find budget money for a conference but these are three days you don’t want to miss. You will come back with a clear picture of what partnering with the family looks like…you will be inspired…you will be challenged…you will be recharged in your effort to influence this generation.

This year I get to be on the blogger team for the conference. What is the blogger team? Really I have no idea except that about 14 bloggers from around the country will be sharing our insight from the conference all week. I am stoked about being able to process my experience online with all of you as we THINK family ministry for a few days. Looking forward to connecting with Orange leaders in April…going to be an amazing week!