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I took a picture of this delightful treat right before I ate them. Yes, I ate them. I admit this is one of my favorite things about fall. Candy Corn is amazing. I am not sure why I love it so much. Add peanuts and hang on to your seat. Today I salute you candy corn for all your greatness. Bring on fall. This week it finally felt like fall. I just had to pay tribute. Here is my favorite things about fall list…

  1. the weather, wow – what more can I say
  2. the Tennessee Vols
  3. the Tennessee Titans
  4. like I said candy corn!
  5. seeing my kids have a blast during Halloween
  6. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love what is stands for and the fact that you actually get to rest and connect with family!
  7. There is an excitement in the air about things going on at GCC, REMIX, Operation Serve, a new school year – it is just good.
  8. did I say football???

What are some things you love about fall?