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we made it here to surf city but man was it an adventure. The age of our kid demand that we drive this trip to the beach in 2 days, Day one of travel was amazing. We got to the hotel, had time to swim, at e agreat dinner at a local mexican place, GOOD TIMES. Then bed time came and all hades broke loose with the Bayne family. The kids each slept in a bed with one of us parent types. They both sleep like ninjas so it was a long night. The next morning Kozbi and I discovered we were sick. I had a fever the entire day and Koz puked about 5 times on the way here, Kelyn not to be out done got a puke in also. When I got to the beach house i was so out of it I just crashed and woke up in time to see some of the Espys tonght. Justin Timberlake hit a home run and also please Bret Farve…LEAVE…it is over. Ok back to it. I am typing so that means my fever had broke. 10:47 and ready to go to bed. Loking forward to adventure of spending time with my girls. These are trips that are so important for us. Love being with the girl, glad we get to hit the waves in the morning!!!