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when you have 2 little girls in the house you can never forget when Christmas is coming. We have 6 days left and Koz reminds me everyday that Christmas is coming…that is the birthday of Jesus…that Santa is bringing presents…that she has presents to give to her cousins…that we will be in TN in just a few days. It is all so real and uncluttered to her. it is so clear all the fun of Christmas. it is exciting for her to think an dream about all that is possible. She gets gifts and the wonder of God sending Jesus and that she gives to others.

It gets harder to think like this the older you get. It is like the magic of the season gets sucked out by shopping, getting stuff for people you really do not want to buy for, partis you sometimes do not want to go to, food that must be cooked for all those parties. For us as adults the entire holiday just gets faster and faster. For me the race ended today with my last lunch party. YEA – the HOLIDAY CAN BEGIN! Most of the shopping is done an we are ready to just enjoy. Man it is good to rest, it is good to worship my savior for bringing peace into a violent world. It is good to just look into the excited face of my child and get excited for her, to play along with the dream of Santa and just have fun. Here we go – ALL OVER THE AGE OF 16 – slow down and have fun like a kid again. Put all your perfect answers for life aside and marvel at the virgin birth, the Shepperd’s worshipping Jesus and the fun of giving not just giving. Right now my wife is making the best gift of all for our 70 something grandparents – it is a scrap book covering Christmas for the past 15 years in her family – that is a gift we will love giving. Amazing is it not.

My final thought until after Christmas is that is it not amazing that just as soon as God sent Christ to be born the Violence of man and Satan sought to kill the savior through the command of HerodAMAZING the Prince of Peace was born in the middle of violence. Is God not incredible. HE WINS!

Off to passion 2007 in just a few days – taking 12 seniors in High School – man I am stoked!

Merry Christmas!