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If I do not type this thought now I will forget…this is why I BLOG here we go…

Collaborate, collaboration – what ever word suites your fancy – just a word, a thought. a process that has been invading my thought life today. Why is it that so many people in ministry do CHURCH, live life, work on projects, in a bubble isolated? I am finding that the more I collaborate on projects, ideas, etc. the better what I am working on gets. There is no teaching environment (HERE AT GCC) that goes off during a week without some kind of collaboration, teamwork, team thought. It is making us all so much better, it is making us understand that tow or three minds working on a message, a teaching time, a project could be better than one holed up in a study. SURE we know the key teacher or speaker has to be the one to formulate the central part of the message, it must flow from within, from God’s WORD in our context. The speaker must believe that what he is speaking on Must be shared but after that other minds can help give guidance to how that info is communicated to the people listening. Every week someone on our team gives the speaker a good idea, a perspective they had not seen – IT WORKS. I was not taught this at seminary, wow imagine that, I know it is hard to believe but trust me, I am a better leader, speaker, human, dad and husband because of the people I collaborate with. Life was never meant to be lived alone, why should work be any different.

With no collaboration staleness enters our space, BUT that is another blog for another day, goodnight!