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In family news…this is big…my daughter jumped off the diving board this weekend. It was one of those dad moments that was wild. seeing your little girl be brave and go for it is amazing. I pray that as a dad I can help my girl embrace confidence. Kozbi plus God can do anything…I want her to know that. it was such a cool moment.

Ok now just one quick thought that became real to me again. We are so much better at what we do when we listen and learn from those around us. Collaboration is what I am talking about. Here is what happened today. Our mission lab team came in to the office, asked me some questions, I left the room to work on other stuff, then they totally planned out a huge part of our missions effort in New Orleans next week. What they tacked I could have done on my own but here is the trick…they did a better job than I could have ever done. I was amazed at what they came up with. I am better at leading here at GCC and at relevant when I lead WITH the people around me. Our team brings so much to the table. The people i serve with are talented people who do incredible things in Clarksville every single day. It is so cool to see them invest their passion and talent right back into what God is doing here at GCC. Just a reminder if you are out there trying to live life and lead in a bubble all alone. QUIT trying to be superman or superwoman and learn to lead with others around you. Leading others mean you are empowering others to become more than they thought possible. Lead, listen and stop trying to everything by yourself!