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Today is the day…the Class of 2010 starts graduating school by school here in Clarksville. I have 2 little girls and thinking about them graduating from high school almost makes my stomach sick. I also remember what this day felt like when I was graduating from Shelbyville Central High School in 1994. (I know most of this class was like 4 then!) That day was a day of celebration and completion for sure but it was also a day where I felt like my best days were ahead. I was thrilled about all the possibilities that might be in just a few years as I ventured into this thing called adulthood. As I think about the group of students who are graduating in the next few days I feel hopeful and excited once again. Sure seniors are leaving our student ministry BUT when it comes to following Christ the adventure is just beginning. This is where it really begins. What does “faith” look like when they are in complete control of their spiritual journey. Because we have created a student ministry where teens get to choose to join our community (not be forced) we are hopeful. Hopeful that they will make a difference in this world. Hopeful they will follow Christ as they hit their college campus. We are also pretty determined to walk with them, cheer them on, be here to give direction when needed, and celebrate with them as we watch them move to this next level of independence. Here at Grace Community graduation is not the finish line…it is just the beginning and we can’t wait to walk with you in the coming years.  Class of 2010…congrats, we are proud of ya!