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Remix is our weekly gathering we do with Relevant Student Ministry ( This week we finished up a series on dating and relationships with the old OPPOSITE sex and it was a great close. Chelsea and I talked about the service tonight when I got home and really processed if the series was effective. After processing it for a while we both landed on the idea, IF WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT WHO WILL? The Bible has tons to say about relationships even though dating is a “american” cultural phenomenon. Tonight we allowed teenagers to submit questions while we had a small panel answer them. They had some great questions and yes some that were really funny but we could not ask them but they were really funny! I just hope when teenagers leave our environment they know God does care about their lives and God loves them more than they will ever understand. God’s way is the best and we have to allow the Bible to reveal that path. It has been a fun series. Thanks to all of ya who came the past three weeks and for all our leaders who invest in teens each week in our Lifegroups!

NEXT week at Remix we get to talk about 4 global issues we are going to address in 2009. Yes, this generation wants to make a difference. It is not enough to talk about a issue or problem, this generation wants to be the solution and they can be. It is going to be fun to see how each Lifegroup works to be a SOLUTION and not just a observer of injustice, poverty, sickness, and slavery in our world.