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I have yet to read a Donald Miller book or hear Donald Miller give a talk when I did not walk away with a better perspective on life and faith. There is just something about his writing style that draws me in and I simply love his perspective. Sure, I follow the guy on twitter, read his blog from time to time but really I feel like I know the guy from his books. That is the kind of writer I like, and from my friends who know Donald personally he is as genuine, funny, and insightful in real life as he is in his books. I like that kind of person. I want to be that kind of person that is consistent. One of my good friends did not like Blue Like Jazz because it did not give enough “answers” to the issues that Donald brings up in the book. After picking myself up off the floor of the office that day when I heard my buddy express his thoughts about the book I realized that I loved the book because it allowed me to think. To be passionately in love with Christ yet still ask intense questions. I am a Christ follower who needs to think, explore, question, live, and start over. I need questions be cause I have been force fed answers my entire life. Even as I discover and question I am finding more joy in Christ than I ever have. OK BAYNE WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT MILLER’S NEW BOOK. My rant is over. Here is your answer…

I was blown away! It was amazing!

This is a book you have to pick up and read because once you start you will race through it. It is honest, challenging and inspiring all at the same time. I wish every high school student would read this book and begin to examine where they are headed in life. As I read the book I constantly examined my own story, the story I am living out with the days God has given me. The story God has called me to. I am thrilled with so much of the story I am living yet challenged to take greater risks and tackle hard things in other areas. This is a must read. This is a book I will be giving away for years to come.

Donald, thanks for putting your life out there for us to learn from. Thanks for being willing to ask hard questions, choosing to do hard things, and allowing us to take a look at your story!