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Just got finished reading DERAILED by Tim Irwin. This is a great book from a great leader and I hope you will check it out. The basis of the book is looking at how competent and successful leaders get off track. We see this happen in leadership at all levels. People have all the ability, make a difference, then lose focus and lose their effectiveness. Tim suggests that a leader can be qualified and have tons of ability but if they lack CHARACTER then they are likely to falter. The mark of a great leader are the choices that the OUTSIDE never gets the chance to see. The book was a great reminder to strive for character, not control as I lead. Whatever size or shape organization you lead, this is a great book to check out. Thanks to Tim for reminding us off how to lead for the long haul.

My next read is Seth Godin’s LINCHPIN and it is rocking my world…check it out also!