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I am so impressed with Chick- fil-A and the leadership model in their restaurants. I really like the chicken but let me talk a little about what I see that makes the Chick Fil A experience work. I love that they elevate service. Service is a big deal at Chick Fil A. In most fast food places they throw your food at you and wish you luck. Tonight when I was holding my youngest daughter they brought my food to my table…WOW! That is service. We happen to have 2 owner operators in our church and they are amazing people. I love that both families are actively leading their stores. I see them there every week leading their teams. I also have noticed that all the managers go out of their way to model service for the team they lead. ALL OF THIS TO SAY, service takes the chick fil a experience to the next level. You want to come back, you want to bring your kids back, because the service is flat our better.

I think as we lead our kids, preschool, and student leadership teams we need to constantly ask ourselves how we are serving the families coming week to week. How are we making a kid or teen’s experience better? Are we striving to help parents connect? If every leader had a goal to make one person’s experience better each week what kind of difference could that make. SERVICE (not new lights or signs) might take our area’s to the next level!