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Teens are ready to serve others now. I am amazed by how many churches push kids to go into classes on Sunday mornings and miss out the chance to empower teens to serve. Schools all across America empower teens to serve in their school and community while the church ask teens to go to class and listen to a lecture. Every teen I know wants to do significant things with their life. Why don’t we give them opportunities to do significant things right now in our churches? Last night at REMIX we cast a vision of what serving looks like for us. It was amazing to look in their eyes and see teens be encouraged to take action. We hope teens connected with REMIX will serve in their church, school and community. We had the chance to ask students to join our Operation Serve effort here in our city. We also are calling them to join God in bringing hope to people around the globe. This fall at REMIX we will be collecting donations for a new thrift store called Newspring Thrift Store in Hopkinsville. KY that will raise support for a ministry called Africa for Jesus. It was amazing to watch groups talk about what they could bring. Every 30 dollars this store will make can support a missionary in Africa for a year!!! Go check our Africa for Jesus here online and read about their effort in Africa.