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We love the mix of our live storytellers and video in our large group gathering for kids each week at Cross Street. We find that when we mix up what is going on with the screen and what is being taught live we help our kids stay focused. All video gets boring…All TALKING gets boring…we mix it up. Adam Bayne, our children’s pastor here, is doing an amazing job of using video to connect with kids, parents and volunteers. We are always looking how we can find good video elements for the gathering and blocking out time so we can make video that will work. YES, you can make your own videos. All you need is a Flip Video camera and a Mac or a PC with the ALREADY INSTALLED video software (we are Mac people, we love iMovie). Sure it takes TIME, and PRACTICE but it really can help engage kids in your ministry on a different level. Here is the video we made for large group this week. HEY BUSTER! Check it out… OH, one more thing. There are some great programs out there that enable you to download video off of You Tube. Feel free to use any of our stuff! We hope it might help other ministries!