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Here at the beginning of the school year we have the perfect opportunity to reinforce the routines we have and start some new one’s. I am a dad and I am beginning to understand the importance of establishing some routine’s with my girls. I am not sure about you, but I do not want my kids looking back at their childhood and remember me as that dad who sat in a chair all night and watched Sportscenter. There is plenty of time for that after they go to bed! The window of time from dinner to bedtime is a big block of time where I can show up and make an impact. At home I take care of bath time every night. My girls know I take care of all of that stuff and I help get them ready for bed. I am also the “CHEIF storyteller” at home. I tell a story every night and everyday my girls ask me what my story for the night will be. I also eat breakfast with my girls as many mornings as I can. We use breakfast to do our God’s Time card we get from Cross Street (our kids ministry at GCC) so we can start the day off reading the Bible with our girls. My girls also know I will bring lunch to school and eat with them. That short lunch pays off BIG with one on one time. Like many other dad’s I put a ton of time into my job and I love what I do in my career. I know for me I have to work hard to guard time with my kids and actually be intentional. The routine’s that I set will help me protect time with my girls and give me a chance to be a spiritual influence in their life. There are a bunch of dad’s around me who have some great routine’s with their kids! What are some of your routines that you have at home with your kids?