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Kozbi’s school had a fall festival tonight and of course we went. Yes, it was amazing, well amazing in terms that my kids loved it and the school basically threw a great party and raised a ton of cash for the school. Here are some thoughts from the night. I know you can not wait!

  • We did the cake walk 4 times and did not win cake. SOLUTION the girls and I went to Food lion and got ice cream and a brownie mix. BAM, take that cake walk%^%^&%^&%
  • The food at the festival, not that good but it was Kelyn’s favorite meal. Pizza and Cheetos!
  • The crowd, wow it was packed and got to see a ton of friends. Good times!
  • The girls got to play a ton of games and the highlight of course were the TATTOOS, fake of course since it may be a little early for the real thing!
  • Chelsea volunteered the final hour while I cooked the brownies. we had a sweet after festival party at home.
  • KOZBI loves her school. Good job to the staff there, you guys and gals are amazing. We have great schools in Clarksville.
  • OUR FAMILY had a great time!

Of course here is the ministry lesson I thought of tonight. Our hope is to connect with people and help them discover Jesus Christ. If we are going to do that we might want to care about the things they care about. Good schools, the arts, city sports leagues for kids, safe cities, taking care of the environment, safe environments for kids to have fun and learn, and the list can go on and on. Sometimes I think we care about our own needs as followers of Jesus instead of the needs of those far from Christ. So go on out there and care about something that is not on your church calendar. Go ahead Jesus will be pumped even if you church friends are not, heck bring them along!