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Session 2 brought Francis Chan to the stage, if you have ever heard Francis speak there is no easy summary to be made, this was a huge talk with so many implications! Here are some of the thoughts…

People entrust us with their kids…They allow us to invest in their most precious gifts.

When we see things that shock us, hurt us, hurt others we have to leverage the influence of others to join the cause of redemption.

When others see passion of an issue we try to normalize them, slow down, tell them to not go TOO far. WHY ARE WE SUPPOSED TO CALM DOWN?

So many times with our students we calm them down, slow their passion and try to make them look like us.

We have over educated believers today…undereducated believers in Jesus day were so bold…over educated believer today are so scared.

We know SO MUCH but we live Christ so little.

When we look back how many spiritual regrets do we have…we finish our education and cannot even talk to our neighbors about our faith anymore.

Peter and John gathered people to pray that they would have BOLDNESS…they were sharing a message that was LIFE CHANGING.

What keeps us from praying for boldness? What are we trying to do that we need to pray for boldness from God?

We take BOLD PEOPLE and ask them to calm down and “learn some stuff” / the first followers of Christ prayed the bold would become MORE BOLD.

Social Justice is not PART of Christian life we add on, it is life, it should consume, Jesus is OK with us being consumed with showing God’s love to others. It is OK.

Every time God speaks to us so many PEOPLE tell us to be responsible and take it all SLOW.

What is happening around the world to REAL PEOPLE GOD MADE is an emergency, lets go global and do some crazy crap to take the hope of Jesus to them.

We never look more like God the Father than when we are rescuing!

Every breath I breath could be my last, lets live like that, no regret…bold living!