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This was a wild week. We launched a new website for Cross Street Live. We launched a second location of REMIX in a partnership with OneChurch in the exit one area. I have been working on 2 messages this week. Our family ministry team has been planning a location move for our k-5 small groups this Sunday at GCC. Along with tons of other surprises it was a wild, crazy wild, amazing wild week. As crazy as it was…IT WAS FUN! I work with some really fun staff and volunteers. When you enjoy the people you work, your believe in the mission, and you have fun working as a team LIFE IS BETTER! I think a team that has fun working together produces a better product. Teams that enjoy being together support each other, laugh with each other, laugh at each other, and work harder together. This is not just a staff issue either, it also applies for our volunteer leaders. If we have fun being together we will be more efficient and create better environments. I think FUN is a big deal. If the culture in your organization has lost its fun factor it is time to stop and ask why! Just something to think about. Have a fun weekend everyone. I will as I watch Tennessee BEAT Western Kentucky Saturday! GO VOLS!