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I picked up Getting NAKED by Patrick Lencioni up last week and in just a few days had devoured the entire thing. Lencioni writes leadership books in story form and everybody loves a good story. The book reveals the power that is harnessed by an organization when they choose to GET NAKED…transparent…with the people they serve. In our organization we have been striving for authenticity since day one. We want to be genuine and vulnerable with the people we lead. Transparency is not a common trait for church leadership! We really want people to think the leaders have it all together…BE LIKE US…we have it all together…we have all the answers you need. As I read this book I was reminded why that approach usually falls short. People see through it. Sure this is a book about consulting but there is so much here to be gained for church and nonprofit leaders that will help as we share our vision with our team and the people who are a part of our church or organization. What keeps us from being real, vulnerable, authentic…

  • We fear we will lose clients // church members, attenders, supporters in our case
  • We fear we will be embarrassed.
  • We fear feeling inferior.

Those fears hold us back from authenticity! This is an amazing read and I hope you will check it out. Thanks to Patrick Lencioni for allowing us to take a peak into how you strive to be authentic in your organization!