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Yes, Friday here was great and we got this pic from the beach this afternoon. Yes, you have to have a little photo shoot one afternoon when you have kids and we have a ton of them with us down here. It has been a great week but vacation with kids is so different. The week really becomes about shared experiences and memories. Dad and mom have to put our plans aside so many times so the girls can have a good experience. Really having little girls makes you realize that you have to serve the ones you live with before you serve others around you. Yea, it is biblical, serve those at home then serve those around you. I am really beginning to understand that giving of our time to invest in our families prepares us to serve others because we begin to understand how God still served us with His grace, wisdom, and love. I am so selfish with my time and my plans that I have to remember to slow down and look for what God wants to show me in life.

Got to hit to golf course today! I played bad and it was still fun. You know you have not played in a long time when you can play bad and still have fun. It as great to get out and hit the ball. We went to a new restaurant called Mollies tonight. Slow service but good food. Getting ready for our last day on Saturday. We are gonna try to soak it all in!