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We had an amazing trip to the Magic Kingdom…really it was amazing. Our girls had the time of their life and 3 and 6 was the perfect age to take 2 girls who love all the princess movies! Sure, every night we came back to the resort wiped out but it was all worth it. This was not a vacation for us, it was an experience. For our family, vacation is about rest…this was crazy, busy, fun, and engaging. Rest is not in the Disney vocabulary. I go to the beach each year to rest…this was a family adventure and it was great. If you take your family…

  1. Stay at a Disney Resort – that was great in every way besides that they do not have wi-fi!!!
  2. Do the Disney food plan…that really worked well!
  3. PLAN – there is just too much to do, make a plan!
  4. PAY FOR IT BEFORE YOU GO…we paid on this thing all year and it was fun to go knowing it was paid for. Debt vacations SUCK!
  5. Go in the fall or winter…it was still crowded and hot but nothing like summer.
  6. Take your kids to the character meals…they are great and your kids will love getting to meet the characters.
  7. Take your kids when they enjoy the MAGIC! Do not miss taking your kids when they are young if you can.

Got back in the office today and got to dive right into getting ready for Cross Street Live this weekend. It was a fantastic break but it was just as fun to get back to the team at GCC. I have so many thoughts coming out of the Catalyst Conference but my brain is still not in gear. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to get it in gear!