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Yea that picture is my back yard. It is fall break here so Chelsea and I got tired of looking at our backyard with no grass and decided to do something about it. The previous owners had dogs. They destroyed our yard. Right now I wish I could strangle those dogs, but that is another post. We started Monday and we finally got finished Wednesday night. Digging, raking, picking up rocks, seeding, fertilizing, and straw are killing me. I am way over it but as I took that picture I could not help but think about how things that matter are filed with hard work. I promise if it is worth doing it will be hard. If a cause is worth working for it will be filled with challenges and struggle. In the end the hard work leads to payoff, the promise, the goal. For my backyard the payoff is grass. I hope we get grass. In the middle of this project I was ready to quit. I know in next spring I will be glad I did not. What are you in the middle of that is hard? If it is worth fighting for it will be hard. Just get ready and put on some gloves (if you are in the back yard with NO GRASS!)