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I know many of you know me as a “youth guy” but one of my favorite environments in our church is our preschool ministry called Wonder Warehouse. Every week our team of volunteers partners with parents and shares the message of Jesus with preschoolers. We are always looking for great tools to use with the kids to help them understand the message of hope found in the Bible. My friends at David C. Cook asked our team to review a new Bible for kids called The Preschooler’s Bible. I gave it to our Family Ministry Coordinator, Chelsea Bayne and asked her to review it! Here is what Chelsea thought of this new tool…

Michael gave me the opportunity to take a look at The New Preschooler’s Bible published by David C Cook.  This Bible is meant to follow The Toddler’s Bible, and takes a step up in content and interaction, which is developmentally appropriate for preschool aged children.  Since bullet points seem to be the easiest to follow, here are a few things that I love about this Bible:

  • It’s ethnically correct.  There’s no white, blue-eyed Jesus here. 
  • The stories included are ones preschoolers can understand.  The ones excluded are the ones with which they’d struggle.  
  • There’s an incredible topical index in the back.  So, if you’re child is struggling with bad dreams and being afraid, you can look up stories to look at people in the Bible who were afraid and how they dealt with that.
  •  My favorite, by far, is that the text is completely interactive.  There are prompts to create dialogue for the parent and child.  An example:  “If Daniel prays, he can be thrown into a den of hungry lions.  Will Daniel stop praying now?  Would you?”  There are times the parent asks questions about the pictures, and other times a parent leads a child in prayer.

My 1st grader saw this book lying on the table and asked if she could look at it.  She is an average reader and was able to ready this Bible fairly independently.  A few minutes after showing it to her, I overheard her playing teacher and reading the stories to her friends.  

This Bible exceeded my expectations.  I’m excited to read through it with my 1st grader and then pass it on to my 3 year old niece.  It will be a GREAT resource for families looking to engage their preschooler in learning about Jesus.  

You know I am excited about a book when it gets approval from both my daughter and my wife! You have to go check this out on the David C. Cook website and let me know what you think!

What tools are you using to help your preschoolers understand the Bible?