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yea, that is my Kozbi and her first trophy. koz played soccer this spring on the best team in Clarksville, the Super Flower Power Team and they kicked some serious tail all year. Sure they do not keep score in this league until you get older but hey, who cares. Kids under 5 running around kicking the ball – it is great! We loved watching her learn the game. Since she got a trophy I thought I would give out some blog trophies…here goes, my 2008 trophies…

Best Diet Mountain dew Drinker – Michael BAYNE…need I say more!

Best Small Group leader at Relevant goes to AMANDA BOLES,
wow, what a great job you have done investing in your girls this year at REMIX each week. Relevant Student Ministry was so blessed to have you on the team. (we will keep Duke also, love that guy!)

Best LEADERS at GCC – every leader in Cross Street and Grace Acres!
Yes, what a great year for the family ministry at GCC, you guys volunteer each week and erve kids and families. I have loved watching you lead each week and make grace a place that families want to come back too!

Best wife and kids – Chelsea, Kozbi and Kelyn, WOW I am blessed!

Best 10-6 Playoff team – lets go Titans!

Best band who led at MERGE – Cam’s band…I have forgot the name but man they did a great job.

Best dad – Chad Rowland gets the Honor…man that guy loves his kids!

Best RonaldoRon Edmonson with his new Malta name since he is gone this week

Best Practical Joke – Michale Higdon got the entire office today, your time is coming man!

best burger in the UNIVERSE -Five Guys

Feel free to add on to it in the comment section! You have to love trophies!