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This is a big moment here on…I am admitting that I now call myself a Nascar FAN. I have joined the millions of people who like to sit at home or at tracks and watch cars go really fast in a circle. I grew up wondering why my grandfather liked the sport. I tried to watch it on TV and fell asleep most of the time. I am a terrible mechanic so that did not help either. Then something happened, FRIENDS HAPPENED. These 2 guys named Dave and Jeff started to explain the sport to me. THEY LOVED IT. Then the one thing that can suck any casual watcher into the Nascar world went down…THEY TOOK ME TO RICHMOND to WATCH A RACE. I was hooked. I finally understood the pace of a race just like the pace of football (my true sport addiction). I moved back to Clarksville got my first HDTV and have been watching races (Bush and Sprint cup) ever since. Because it is a once a week sport it is easy for follow. I love sports and follow baseball and basketball from a distance, but Nascar has grabbed my weekly attention and I am hooked. My girls even sit down and watch it with me on Sunday, IT IS NUTS!

This weekend I get to go with a friend to Nashville Motor Speedway and actually go into the pit and driver area for the first time. I am fired up. We are getting the the track around 1 and will be there for the entire race. I am getting myself prepped for a new level of loud! Look for me on TV because if a driver goes down I may pull a Ricky Bobby and make my driving debut. I will have tons of picture up on facebook and a few here on the blog. I needed to come clean and share with the blog world the truth. I feel better now. By the way my 3 favorite drivers are Gordon, Earnhardt Jr. and Edwards.